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Sunday, April 15, 2012

FFF???? Hint... Freebie!

FFF--- What??? Froggy Fun Freebie!
This is a look at my Froggy Math Stations pack that I have in my TPT and Teachers notebook shops.
So what does FFF stand for ... well I have one game from this pack that I want to share with you today as a freebie..:)   yeah!!!!!   a Froggy Fun Freebie!

I have been so busy since Spring break!  I have to finish report cards today and I have had to do homework!  Can you imagine teachers having to complete homework? :)   My district wants us to have credentials to teach gifted children.. go figure!  I wonder how I taught them before this training??? and ..... even though we have had training in thinking maps, now we have to have thinking map training for our ESL students.
and..... since our State is racing to the top.... we have online classes we have to complete!  and to top it off... we had to dibel our children in reading and math!
I have had so much busy work fun this week!  :) 
Anyway, here is something fun for you!  It is a game from my Froggy Fun Math Stations pack!  It is based on the common core standards and even though it is based on frogs ... I think you could use it anytime! 
Download a copy here and if you have a chance, please take a look at the pack in my TPT or Teacher's Notebook shops.  If you go there, please take a moment to follow me there!  Thank you so much!
Happy Sunday my friends! I'm off to  finish report cards!