Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally! Room Pictures.... My favorites

Hi Blogging Friends!  If you are linking to  Blog Hoppin' this week, pictures of your room are suppose to be tomorrow, but I wanted to get these out now because we start school Thursday and I don't know if I would have time to post later.. As you probably already know I am not a very good photographer.  maybe a new camera? or a new photographer? :) 
Above you will see my my  math stations!  Loved the way they turned out!  Ready for Can do Kinders!

Didn't these turn out great?  They are next to my pencil sharpener.  I found the idea on pinterest .... Don't you love all the great ideas there?

When I saw this on pinterest I knew it would be perfect to help my kinders with directions.  Some of my children are ELL students and visuals are a plus for them and me.

This is my behavior chart ready to go.... soon it will hold 25 clothespins! 

I love my calendar.  Even though I have a smart board and will be doing calendar/morning meeting on it this year, I knew I would need this as an anchor chart for the children to refer to throughout the day!  Part of our evaluation on 21st century skills is how we intergrate global learning throughout our day.  I plan on using the small map  and my smart board to find temperatures, seasons, etc...around the world and compare to our city.  Because the the map is laminated, I will be able to write what we discover right on it.

Here is a closer view!   Do you see Pete?

I made 2 stools for my listening/reading center! You can't tell it in the picture the material is red and white polka dots.    The apple came from a lunch box I found on sale at JoAnne's.  I cut it apart and glued it on the top of the stool.  I have 2 of the stools and I love them.  I know the children will too.

                                                            Here is a larger view!

And.... this is my Write the Room tub!   Do you see the new clipboards? 

These are the pictures I took today of my little classroom.  It doesn't show everything, but I hope you enjoyed looking at them.  Have a great week.... and I'll be back over the next couple of days... Cross your fingers I have a great first day like so many of you and hurricane Irene stays off the coast!
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  I love your comments. 


S. Parker said...

Great looking room! Love your Pete the Cat.

Jess said...

I love it! I think your listening center is my favorite so cozy! I really like how you made everything look pretty and appealing! Great job!

Rambling About Reading

Louanne said...

Your room looks great! So many cute touches!! Hope to post my pictures soon! Have a wonderful start on Thursday!! :)

Katy said...

Love the picture directions! I'm running off to make them as I type!!! :)

Kindergarten Katy

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

Your room is so cute! Love your listening center.


Rachelle said...

YOUR ROOM IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rooneyhunt said...

Your room looks so inviting! Do you have the picture cards for the directions available for download? They would be so helpful!

Good luck with Irene... we're waiting for her to visit us in RI this weekend!

~ Amy

Katie Mense said...

OMG!!! So totally adorable!!! ♥ it!
Little Warriors

Pam said...

Thank you everyone! I am so humbled.... I wish I could share the directions... but I can't. It is against the terms of use. But go to Scrappin' Doodles and purchase them there.... You'll use them for soooooooo many things!

Rachel Booth said...

Pam!! I love the room!! Where did you get your math pocket chart pieces from? i love the way your organized for it. I'm a first year kindergarten teacher and would love to do something similar in my room. www.rachelboothhappilyeverafter.blogspot.com

Mrs. Ann Greene said...

Your room is amazing! Love the way you have the math stations pocket chart above the math station. Cute seats at the listening center. What an inviting classroom. Thanks for sharing.

rlawruk said...

I love the idea of the pictures for directions!! Would it be possible for you to share the pictures with me?

Rach :)


Kannie said...

I just found out I need to post my learning objectives in my room. do you do this? Any ideas on how to manage this? I remember seeing someone posting a picture or discussion about this in "blog land" somewhere but of course I can't remember or find it now! Thanks for your awesome blog! I love it!!!!!!

Pam said...

Hi Kannie,
I use Deanna Jump's common core standards packet in my room. I love them because they are in I can statements which is what my district is asking us to do! She has included math, reading, science, and social studies in her packet. Check them out at her Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Tamera said...

Beautiful room! Love the map on your calendar board - great idea!

Anonymous said...

Please share how you made your clipboards! Those are adorable and I am so sick of looking at my nasty brown ones! Also, how did you do your chairs! I made some too but am having problems getting the cushion to stay on the crate! Cute class and ideas!!!

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