Monday, August 1, 2011

Teaching Blog Addict--Addict

If you haven't joined this site you have to run  (click on the button below) over there right now and join! It has been on the top of my blogging list of sites to go and learn so much about other bloggers and the great things they are doing and offering.  It has helped me to grow as a teacher.  Show your love today by following this great site!


Erin Klein said...


Cute post... like your run (click) part. :)

Thanks for joining the fun! I added myself as a follower to your site.

Erin Klein

Pam said...

Thank you Erin! I follow your site also. Thank you for all of technology expertness--(is this a word?) You have helped me so much!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Thank you Pam for the TBA shout out! Oooo, I just get goosebumps every time I hop onto your site. It is just so cute and FUN!

Teaching Blog Addict
♥Teaching with TLC

Busy Bees said...

Just found your blog and became a follower!! I love the clip art and all of the polka dots. I am already a follower of TBA!! Thanks!!

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