Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day!

It seems like yesterday I was holding my daughter's hand and walking her across the hall from my room to her kindergarten room.  I cried.  I felt so silly because she was right across the hall from me and I could see her all the time.  Tomorrow she will finish moving into her dorm room at NC State University. I am so excited for her, but, I hope I can hold back the tears until I am in my car.  The years go by way too fast!
I'll be back Monday with a download of my math journal cover and soon pictures of my room.  We officially start on Wednesday!  Thank you for reading my personal post today my blogging buddies!


According to Ashley said...

Aw! I live about 10 minutes from NCSU and my little sister is a sophomore there. Oh, and I go to all of the football & basketball games with my hubby (even though I went to UNC - shhhhh)! I hope your daughter has a great year! :)

Pam said...

Thank you Ashley... Couldn't help going to your blog and reading more about you. I used to teach in Raleigh.. and I have a turquoise Dockside shirt and my daughter has a pink one.... too funny! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Jennifer Knopf said...

Congratulations! You must be very proud of her, and time does fly doesn't it! My youngest is starting kindergarten this year - in the room across the hall from me! I was just thinking today that I have to see what's for lunch that first day and let him know what to pick lol. Hopefully I will not cry though!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Pamela said...

I remember when my parents dropped me off at college. I live in So Cal and I went to school at UC Davis. It was definitely bittersweet. She'll probably be holding back the tears as well when you actually leave. :/ Only 17 more years until I'm in that position :( Way too fast.

Jess said...

Your relationship will only get better when she goes to college! Odd as that sounds...I missed my mom more than I could stand it and would call her all the time! I probably called her twice a day everyday going to and from classes and we developed a really close special relationship. Fun fact my mom also went to NC State. Good luck with everything and know that she will miss you way more than she'll ever let on!
Rambling About Reading

Chrissy said...

{Hugs}! I will be thinking of you! My firstborn son leaves on Thursday. Whhhaaaah!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I saw you at Teacher's Aid...and more importantly that you told me about your blog! Now, I can keep up with all the great things you have going on in your classroom. I miss teaching with you so much and am so excited to stay connected through your blog!!!

I am so excited for Reagan...Doug and I were just talking about how fun 'move in' weekend was, and being a college kid! Those years flew by way too fast! I'll be thinking of you as you leave her, but know she is going to have the time of her life :)

Talk soon!! :)

Pam said...

Thank you everyone! Everything went great! I love her dorm room and her roomies... When I hugged her goodbye I did cry... but I told her they were tears of joy and excitement for her new adventure.... We have set up Skype ... Yeah!!
I miss you too Bethany! Your baby is tooo cute!

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