Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We are Problem Solvers!

First, thank all of your kind words about my daughter moving to college.  I have already talked to her several times on the phone.  She is doing great!

I can't believe how great you guys are for following my little blog.  I never thought I would have close to 250 followers.  I appreciate you taking the time to come here! :)

We begin school this Wednesday.  I am so not ready!  For the first time that I can remember my furniture is arranged but that is about it...  Wow! Usually I have everything together.  I am beginning to feel very overwhelmed, but I have the workdays to finish it and I plan on "burning the midnight oil".  I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful rooms.  I hope I can make mine as inviting for the children as you have made for your kiddos!

In an earlier post I promised to have my Math Journal covers done for you.  I use composition books just like my writing journals.  The children use their math journals to solve problems or a way for me to check their understanding of a concept/skill.   I usually type out the title or problem on the computer, cut them out and have the kinders glue it on the next clean page in their journal. At first I have them work in pairs to solve the problem in their journals.  Also, I begin by teaching them the strategy of ... draw it out.  Then we move on to  other problem solving strategies.  I love having the children share their journals at the end of a lesson. It is a great assessment tool for me! 

Now for the goodies! These labels are made for Avery 5126 internet shipping labels or you can cut and paste.  They come 2 to a page.  I like them large because they do cover most of the writing on the front of the composition books and the labels make the journals more engaging for kinders.  If you would like a copy of my math journal covers just click on the pic above.  And.... I love to hear your comments.... especially how you use math journals in your classroom.  I learn so much from your great ideas!  Enjoy!


Chrissy said...

Pam, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! {:-)}

Pam said...

Thank you Chrissy... I love what you did with your classroom. It is absolutely beautiful!

Mrs. Krouskop-Smith said...

Thank you for the Math Journal Covers - so cute!

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